Regression Accuracy and Power Simulations v6.0

A Win32 computer program that uses simulated data to model the accuracy and statistical power of parametric linear regression analysis in laboratory method comparison studies. The program incorporates unweighted (ordinary) least squares (OLS), iteratively re-weighted least squares (WLS) and Deming (errors in X and Y) regression.

Click here to download a program description (833Kb: please save download as RAPS60.pdf)

Click here to download the program installation file (; 3966Kb).
See RAPS60.pdf (p. 7) for program installation information.

Disclaimer: In supplying this executable program the only stipulation is that it should remain freely available under all circumstances. The underlying numerical and statistical methods have been published in a peer reviewed journal but although all care has been taken in program development, the author Bill Sadler & the AACB can take no responsibility whatsoever for its use.