Welcome to the New AACB Website

All that construction noise you could hear in the background since January has finally come to an end!

Members are now able to enjoy the look and feel of the new AACB website.

In creating our new website, the AACB Office staff have been guided by the needs of members:

  • Creating a more seamless user experience with a more logical menu layout.
  • Highlighting the benefits of AACB membership by providing a more comprehensive Member Centre area.
  • Providing access to specialised and current information through its resources area.
  • Keeping members up to date with relevant information on upcoming events and news.
  • Focusing on the professional growth opportunities for members through the revamped AACB Curriculum pages.
  • Providing a CPD scheme that is widely recognised for certification purposes.
  • Improved networking opportunities by participating in "Communities" designed to stimulate discussion on almost any topic in laboratory medicine.
  • And more....

Soon, you will get an email giving instructions on how access the new website. It's very important that you follow the instructions. If you don't receive an email by 9th December, please contact the Office. You can also access the instructions here.

Please be aware that there is a lot of content to transfer to the new website. We are working hard adding more content every day. If you notice content missing please let us know in the AACB Community (login required)