EOI - CALL TO MEMBERS with an interest in updating the historical records of the AACB

We seek interested and enthusiastic members who would be willing to assist with the task of updating the AACB history and events from 2001- present day.

Please submit your expressions of interest to Fernando San Gil at [email protected]


In 2005, Dr Peter Dennis, Honorary Archivist for the Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists, published a comprehensive history of the first 40 years of the Association, incorporating the original history of the first 21 years, with the names and images of key participants during this formative period. This is available in the publication Forty Years on: A History of the AACB from 1961 to 2001.

Since its publication, the AACB has undergone further growth and change which also needs to be catalogued and preserved as a permanent record for all members.

Types of activities involved in updating the historical records

  • Compiling short documents of key events as an electronic record to be placed on the AACB website.

  • Preparing a series of articles published in eCBN or CBR, to capture not just meeting records but also the recollections, trials and tribulations from past AACB members and activities.

  • Reviewing paper records for archiving and digitising. The AACB has been approached by senior members that are holding historical documents and meeting records that may be of historical value to the association.

  • An opportunity to create an updated electronic publication to continue on from the excellent 2005 publication by Peter Dennis.