APFCB-AACB Travelling Scholarships

To show the clinical significance of laboratory medicine and encourage all the laboratory professionals in the Asia-Pacific region to pay more attention to special cases in routine work, the "APFCB Laboratory Medicine Case Contest", organized by APFCB (the Asia Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine) and Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics company will start at August.

This event is themed "Value of Laboratory Medicine: Resolve Clinical Challenges ". The winning cases will be presented online and discussed by the case review committee. We welcome submissions from a range of perspectives by laboratory professionals.


First round of the contest: Please submit your written case in a Word document (in English). You must send your case by email to [email protected] before Sep 30. The email should come in a subject that reads: country+name of the case + name of the participant.

This is an Initiative by the APFCB- Education Committee. For more information visit APFCB website or download the information sheet.