Code of Ethics for laboratory professionals

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The patient is at the centre of activities of the laboratory, with the aim of delivering services of the highest standards, and reflecting a best practice approach.

AACB encourages all laboratory professionals to undertake the practice of clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine with a high degree of professional integrity.

The AACB website provides a forum for discussions relevant to the practice and the advancement of clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine.

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Continuing Professional Development

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Continuing professional development (CPD) refers to the active engagement of professionals in activities throughout their career that ensure that they continue to practise safely, effectively, and legally within their evolving scope of practice.profe

The AACB CPD Scheme advances the safe practice of laboratory medicine by providing CPD opportunities, and the means of recording, review and reporting activities.

The AACB CPD Scheme meets the requirements for Certification by the Australian Council for the Certification of Medical Laboratory Scientists and the Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand.

The AACB strongly recommends that all professionals working in laboratory medicine regularly engage in professional development activities and participate in a CPD Scheme to ensure proper recognition for their activities.

Currently, access to the AACB CPD Scheme is a member benefit.

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Certification of Scientists

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The Board of the Australian Council for the Certification of the Medical Scientific Laboratory Workforce announced the launch of the national certification scheme for the medical laboratory workforce on, July 1, 2020.

Certification is public recognition of scientific qualification, acknowledgement of participation in continuing education and professional development and increases professional credibility and prestige of scientists and technical officers in the industry.

Importantly, certification and inclusion on a public register demonstrates a commitment to superior professionalism, support of industry standards and is aligned with competency development and assessment processes.

For any queries, please visit the website (

Currently, CMLS certification for laboratory professionals working in Australia is administered through the individual participating professional Organisations.

Currently, access to CMLS certification is a member benefit.

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