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Dr Wadim Roman (Fig. 1) was born in Manchuria in 1904 and educated in Berlin.  In 1928 he entered clinical biochemistry and co-founded the journal “Enzymologia” in 1936, which he became chief editor in 1939.  He was forced to flee Berlin for Holland in 1937 and immediately post-war became the chief analyst with a British petrochemical company (and involved in the design of instruments that lead to the gas chromatograph.  In 1953 Dr Roman was appointed head of the Division of Biochemistry at the IMVS in Adelaide and was president of the AACB between 1964 and 1966.  He retired in 1969 and the lectureship was created in 1971/2.

The Roman Travelling Lectureship perpetuates Dr Roman's the help and encouragement he gave to many junior biochemistry staff and his efforts to promote and enhance the status of clinical biochemistry. 

The Roman Lecturer may be either an Australian or international speaker.

The main task of the Roman lecturer is to meet with members of the profession, especially clinical biochemists in training and discuss their work. This is in keeping with Dr Roman's idea that the future of clinical biochemistry lies in encouraging and attracting good, young scientists into the field.

Fig. 1. Picture of Dr Wadim Roman

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Roman Lecture Series 

Previous Roman Lecturers

 Year  Roman Lecturer 
 2023  Emeritus Prof Sverre Sandberg 
 2022  Prof Maria Fuller 
 2021  Not held
 2020  Not held
 2019  Prof Leslie Burnett
 2018  Dr John Coakley
 2017  Ms Jill Tate
 2016  Prof Greg Miller
 2015  Dr Penny Coates
 2014  A/Prof Graham Jones
 2013  A/Prof Chris Florkowski
 2012  Ms Helen Martin
 2011  Prof Geoffrey Kellerman
 2010  Dr Ken Sikaris
 2009  Dr M Crooke
 2008  Prof E Kilpatrick
 2007  Prof John Burnett
 2006  Dr John Beilby
 2005  Prof M McQueen
 2004  Prof Howard Morris
 2003  Dr Tony Badrick
 2002  Prof Chris Lam
 2001  Prof R Kazlauskas
 2000  Dr Neil Kent
 1999  Prof R Williamson
 1998  Prof P Wilding
 1997  Dr Peter Garcia-Webb
 1996  Dr Callum Fraser
 1995  Dr B Statland
 1994  Dr John Westgard
 1993  Prof Les Lazarus
 1992  Dr Peter Pannall
 1991  Dr John Whitfield
 1990  Prof J Martin
 1989  Prof J Whicher
 1988  Dr William Hensley
 1987  Dr R Carrell
 1986  Dr William Riley
 1985  Dr J Connelly
 1984  Dr D Goldberg
 1983  Dr Peter Dennis
 1982  Prof V Marks
 1981  Dr M Wellby
 1980  Prof P Astrup
 1979  Dr DS Young
 1978  Prof David Curnow
 1977  Not held
 1976  Prof J Landon
 1975  Prof M Rubin
 1974  Prof JR Hobbs
 1973  Prof RJ Bartholomew


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