RCPA-AACB Chemical Pathology Course

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The annual RCPA-AACB Chemical Pathology Course organised in association with the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA).

The course provides a forum for continuing education in clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine, consisting of interactive lectures and discussions, exam preparation techniques, methods, and opportunities to meet both RCPA and AACB examiners.

The RCPA-AACB Chemical Pathology Course usually takes place in February each year over a five-day period.

  • Training chemical pathologists and scientists
  • Continuing education of chemical pathologists and scientists
  • Professional development for diagnostic support professionals

Access to previous presentations is provided as member benefit.

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RCPA AACB Chemical Pathology Course


Previous RCPA AACB Chemical Pathology Courses

 Year Location
 2023 Christchurch, NZ
 2022  Online
 2021  Online
 2020  Perth, WA
 2019  Gold Coast, QLD
 2018  Adelaide, SA
 2017  Hobart, TAS
 2016  Melbourne, VIC
 2015  Wellington, NZ
 2014  Sydney, NSW
 2013  Perth, WA
 2012  Gold Coast, QLD
 2011  Adelaide, SA
 2010  Hobart, TAS
 2009  Melbourne, VIC
 2008  Perth, WA
 2007  Sydney, NSW
 2006  Christchurch, NZ
 2005  Brisbane, QLD
 2004  Adelaide, SA
 2003  Launceston, TAS
 2002  Perth, WA
 2001  Melbourne, VIC
 2000  Brisbane, QLD
 1999  Sydney, NSW
 1998  Auckland, NZ
 1997  Sydney, NSW
 1996  Melbourne, VIC
 1995  Brisbane, QLD
 1994  Sydney, NSW
 1993  Hobart, TAS
 1992  Adelaide, SA
 1991  Perth, WA
 1990  Melbourne, VIC
 1989  Brisbane, QLD
 1988  Sydney, NSW
 1987  Adelaide, SA
 1986  Melbourne, VIC
 1985  Sydney, NSW
 1980  Melbourne, VIC
 1979  Sydney, NSW
 1978  Adelaide, SA
 1977  Melbourne, VIC

Current Concepts Series


The first four presentations were called "Mini-Conferences" and it was not until 1981 that the title "Current Concepts" was used.

Although not currently on the AACB calendar, the Current Concepts Series ran more many years.

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Current Concepts Series

Previous Current Concepts Series

 Year Speakers Title
 2013  Dr David Gillis  Allergy Testing - Advances and Pitfalls
 2012  Dr Ken Sikaris  Physiological Influences on Reference Intervals
 2011  R Bais, Dr J Edwards  Enzymes in Clinical Biochemistry
 2010  Prof R Norman  Reproductive Medicine
 2009  Dr K Byrnon, A/Prof L Sheffield  Pharmacogenomics
 2008  Mr K Worth, Mr D Mikkelsen, Mr R Menere  Lean 6 Sigma
 2007  Dr J Whitfield, Dr C Florkowski  Evidence Based Laboratory Medicine
 2006  Dr G Jones, Dr A Barker  Common Reference Intervals
 2005  Dr D Nicol, Dr P Cannell, Prof D Olynyk, Dr R Rossi  Iron Overload and Deficiency
 2004  Dr A St John, Mr R Flatman, Dr G Edwards, Dr D Kanowski  Pre and Post Analytical Processes (streamed from Melbourne)
 2003  Dr J Heath, Dr M Ernst, Dr T Hughes, Dr J Hardingham  Molecular Explorations of Cancer (streamed from Melbourne and Adelaide)
 2002  Prof L Cole  HCG Testing in Pregnancy: Prenatal Diagnosis and Trophoblastic  Disease (MISER 2 - streamed from Melbourne)
 2001  Dr A Wooton, Mr Peter Vervaart  Markers of Inflammation (MISER 1 - streamed from Melbourne)
 2000  Dr A Wu, Dr C Aroney  New Cardiac Markers for Acute Coronary Syndrome
 1999  Prof J Christodolou  The Clinical Biochemistry of the Nervous System (Video Conference)
 1998  Dr A Wootton (Convenor)  Teleconference Informatics and Clinical Biochemistry Telemedicine
 1997  Dr J Lewis  Drugs of Abuse
 1996  Prof J Despres, Prof I Caterson  Insulin resistance
 1995  Prof P Kroon, Dr D Sullivan  Novel Aspects of Lipid Metabolism
 1994  Dr N Kent  Osteoporosis
 1993  Dr J Funder, Dr J Montalto  Laboratory Evaluations of Steroidogenic Disorders
 1992  Prof R Trent, Dr V Berdoukas  Clinical and Laboratory Aspects of Molecular Biology
 1991  Dr T Hartley, Dr I Dresosti  Micronutrients in Health and Disease
 1990  Mr I Goodall, Dr S Sykes  Interference in Clinical Biochemistry
 1989  Dr A Wootton, Dr D Gillis  Laboratory Aspects of Clinical Allergy
 1988  Dr H Smith, Mr T Wilke  Thyroid Function and Testing
 1987  Mr D Geary, Dr M Guerin  Instrumentation for Intensive Care
 1986  Dr P Garcia-Webb  Diabetes Mellitus
 1985  Dr L Barrett, Mr M Peake  The Renal Patient
 1984  Prof A Morley, D R Ryall  Biochemistry Haematology
 1983  Dr P Pannall, Mr D Osborne  The Biochemistry of Intensive Care
 1982  Prof L Lazarus, Dr M Stuart  Dynamic investigation of Endocrine Function
 1981  Ms D Sampson, Dr W Hensley  Drugs and their Therapeutic and Toxicological Effects
 1980  Mr N Balazs, Dr D Calvert  Lipids
 1979  Dr W Riley, Mr L Penberthy  Quality Control
 1978  Ms M Coles, Dr P Carter  Proteins
 1977  Dr J Edwards, Dr R Bais  Enzymes in Clinical Biochemistry